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He would learn to be a telegraph operator早年工作经历托马斯做第一份工作时只有12岁,他在火车上给人们卖报纸和零食在火车站;CCITT 国际电报电话咨询委员会Consultative Committee International Telegraph and Telephone的缩写形式 中央处理器 中央处理器Central Processing Unit 即CPU,是微型机中的中央处理单元,或计算机的主芯片 字符character 字符指字母;become a real telegraph operator By now telegrams were not only sent from railroad stations, but from offices owned by a company;thomas edison was pelled to seek employment as a night telegraph operator 请翻译这句话参考书上的翻译是为了保持独立的经济来源,爱迪生不得不去当夜间电报员The。
telegraph operator, 4 ablebodied seawomen Many militiawomen had learnt how to carry out bottom trawling, surroundingnet fishing;可以改成Because he was deprived of the financial means to remain independent, Thomas E dison was compelled to seek employment as a night telegraph operator或He was deprived of the financial means to;Jimmie#39s father, station agent JU Mackenzie of Mount Clemens, Michigan, was so grateful that he took Edison under his wing and trained him as a telegraph operator Edison#39s deafness aided him as it blocked out no;printing it in a freight car that also served as his laboratory For saving the life of a station official’s child, he was rewarded by being taught telegraphy While working as a telegraph operator, he m;group ^rupn团体, 组, 团, 群, 批, 地界, 化基 v聚合, 成群 group group AHDgr#8250pDJgru8pKKgrupnAbbr gr名词缩写 grAn assemblage of persons or objects。
pursuescarbonneutralityashederanodeoperator7 BisonTrails现可支持Cosmos质押和节点服务 据CoinTelegraph 3月5日报道,区块;telegraph operator, telegraphist 电报员wireless operator 无线电报员reply paid 复电费已付satellite communications 卫星通信telephone;Shanghai and served as the telegraph operator At that time, he traveled between Shanghai and the liberated areas of the northern part;telegraph operator 英#712tel#618#716gr#230f #712#596p#601reit#601美#712t#603l#618#716ɡr#230f #712ɑp#601#716ret#602电报员 例句Later , ed。sending electric signals over wires was the fastest method of sending information long distances At the age of sixteen, he went to work as a telegraph operatorHe later worked in many different places He。

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